Douchebag of the Week, 8th Installment

cancelweb20s-2-webI have no words to describe Bobby Metzinger, our Douchebag of the Week. Bobby is (or perhaps was at this point) a social media manager for a marketing company, and some recent tweets have gotten him in hot water, as well as landed him the #1 spot in our douchebag battle royale this week. During the World Series this past week, Metzinger decided to make some rather colorful remarks about the Boston Red Sox, who eventually won the Series. Metzinger, if you didn’t guess, is a strong St. Louis Cardinals fan. Now, we’re all for some fun trash-talking about sports, but Bobby took it to the next level.

During the World Series, Metzinger tweeted perhaps some of the most offensive things possible about the Red Sox, in reference to the Boston Bombing. His tweets included, but were not limited to”

“The #WorldSeries will be another finish line not crossed by #Boston.”

That’s bad enough on its own, but Metzinger didn’t stop there.

“Putting my loft up for a ridiculous ‘Boston-only’ rate for the #WorldSeries. Pressure cooker sold separately.”

Honestly, he should be more angry about his face than about losing the World Series.
Honestly, he should be more angry about his face than about losing the World Series.

Bobby has since deleted his Twitter account after much backlash over the tweets. As if his week wasn’t going badly enough, he was actually arrested for making a terrorist threat, which was a misdemeanor. He was released on bond, and is under house arrest until his trial later this month.

Unsurprisingly, Metzinger’s use of a tragedy in making jokes about a sports team is what earned him the Douchebag of the Week title. There really isn’t much else to say about his actions, as they speak for themselves. You can make all the Red Sox jokes you want, but you don’t get to use a terrorist attack as material for your World Series trash talk. Period. It’s like using 9/11 as the background for a joke about… well, anything. That’s the point: it’s a tragedy. It’s not funny. People were killed in Boston, and one of them was even a child. That is not something to joke about, and it’s certainly not something to take lightly. Any decent human being would know that.

Source: Newser


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