Douchebag of the Week, 7th Installment

ScarboroughHappy Saturday! This week, we thought we’d bring you a douchebag that defies all laws of common sense, morality, and manages to make us laugh and weep for humanity at the same time. Our douchey champion this time is Rick Scarborough, a Tea Party leader (I’m not surprised about that one.. are you?) who made news this week for his incredibly ridiculous proposition to fix the “gay problem.” Now, we’ve dealt with dumbasses who think they can just vanquish homosexuality altogether, but Rick just might be the dumbest yet. Prepare yourselves, the crazy train is coming.

Rick Scarborough, a former Baptist pastor, was being interviewed at a Tea Party Unity event this week, and the topic of homosexuality in the media was brought up. After listening to the idea of Fox News highlighting stories of people who have “left the homosexual lifestyle,” Scarborough went one step (or maybe even two steps) further. Without any hesitation, he suggested the idea of “a class action lawsuit against homosexuality.” Yes, you read that right. This man wants to sue every gay person in the world. Because that’s totally possible.

The basis of Rick’s argument is that, according to him,

“Homosexuality much more likely leads to AIDS than smoking leads to cancer. And yet the entire nation has rejected smoking, billions of dollars are put into a trust fund to help cancer victims and the tobacco industry was held accountable for that.”

The idea here is that Scarborough believes that AIDS only comes from gay people, and only gay people can get it. So if AIDS kills so many people annually, why don’t we just sue people for being gay, because it’s leading to AIDS? For the record, all these claims are completely ridiculous and not verified by the Centers for Disease Control or any other reputable source. Anyone can contract AIDS, and it’s quite possible to contract it without having gay sex. If Rick Scarborough had an ounce of knowledge in that crumb-sized brain of his, he’d realize that. Now, let’s try to contain laughter as we break down his idea.

tumblr_me0veriRu21ry10fwo1_500Starting with the most obvious, you can’t bring a class action lawsuit (or any lawsuit for that matter) against gay people. It’s just not possible.  I’d love to see how they think they can pull this one off, because it would set the bar for idiotic ideas even higher. Unlike the tobacco lawsuits, there isn’t a gay corporation that you can sue here. Even if there was some kind of gay company, nothing causes homosexuality. It’s not cancer, and it’s certainly not something that’s caused by a product, like cancer is caused by cigarettes. The sooner people like Scarborough realize that, the sooner we can move on from this nonsense.

The sad part is that Rick actually thinks that this is possible. He actually believes that there’s some underlying cause to homosexuality, and that we can just get rid of it with a lawsuit. The real problem with the Tea Party’s approach to same-sex marriage is not crap like this, but the idea that they can “cure” gay people of this mysterious disease that’s causing them to be gay. If there’s anything that’s poisoning the dialogue over same-sex marriage, it’s this kind of thinking. There is no cure for homosexuality, because it’s not a disease. Period.

070111052251dqWhen we really get into the suggestion, it’s actually more serious than stupid. As we look at the tobacco example, there’s a large portion of the population that wants to make cigarettes illegal, because they cause cancer. If we follow along with Rick’s idea that homosexuality exclusively leads to AIDS, the only possible outcome would be to make homosexuality illegal. That’s what Scarborough and most of those in the Tea Party want. As much as they talk about freedom, they wouldn’t be opposed to a system like the one we’re seeing in Russia, where being gay could get you thrown in jail. That’s the subtle suggestion here, and it’s an incredibly dangerous suggestion to make. I’m not one who likes to make Hitler comparisons, but this is legitimately suggesting that we imprison a group of people because we disagree with their lifestyle. That’s pretty damn close to Nazi Germany, and it saddens me that we’re still having those conversations today.

Rick Scarborough is so blatantly and openly homophobic that it makes me sick, and that’s why he’s our Douchebag of the Week. His suggestion of a class action lawsuit is comical, but we can’t forget how serious he probably is about it. The lawsuit itself will never get off the ground, but that doesn’t mean that Scarborough and others like him won’t stop trying to alienate homosexual Americans for no other reason than to satisfy an innate level of homophobia and a fear of what they don’t understand. I hope Rick Scarborough learns that diversity is what makes this country great, and he can’t just suppress those who aren’t white Baptist preachers like him.


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