The Lost Generation

Screen-Shot-2012-10-10-at-10.16.28-AMNot a day goes by that I don’t hear something about my generation being lazy or unintelligent. Granted, most of these claims hold some actual validity in modern society. People my age have given the world Jersey Shore and planking, so we’re not exactly the cream of the crop. Still, I always defend my generation when it comes under scrutiny. We’ve made incredible technological and medical advances, and we certainly tackle issues with a fierce passion. I’ve always had complete faith in my peers. Sure, there are a few of us that make young people look bad (I’m looking at you, Snooki), but for the most part, we’re all pretty normal. I’ve had that confidence in us for quite some time. Until I met Trisha Paytas.

If you don’t know who Trisha is, she regularly makes YouTube videos, mostly giving makeup tips to women. She made some waves late last year when she uploaded a video entitled “Why I’m Voting for Mitt Romney.” This was before the election (and Mitt’s eventual loss) took place, and she was giving some reasons for endorsing Romney. Seems normal, right? Wrong. Her reasons included, but were not limited to “Mitt Romney is super hot,” and he had the same name as her cat, Mittens. Keep in mind that there was no sarcasm in the video, and for all intents and purposes, everyone took her seriously. So according to Trisha, if you’re hot and remind her of her cat, you can run this country. Line up, gentlemen.

Now, it’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of uneducated voters. I even took the time to extensively cover this topic in Contradictions and Whale Farts. But honestly, this takes it to another level. At first, I thought she was serious. However, in a later video she mentioned having satire in her initial speech. Funnily enough, almost nobody realized that such satire existed in her video. So as a footnote, if you ever decide to do something sarcastic again, you might want to work on your delivery.

obama-biden-facepalmRegardless, she got quite the response to her video, with everyone and their mother mocking her all over YouTube. Following this, she proceeded to upload even more politically charged videos, all of which were equally ridiculous and void of facts. While watching these videos and gathering what information I could about her political prowess, I found myself in the inevitable facepalm position on several occasions. She literally just makes me sad. But this is a new kind of sadness for me. It has many levels, and carries more than just one emotion. Let’s break it down, shall we?

I found one thing particularly interesting when watching her videos. After all the silliness about Mitt being hot, she really only cared about one issue in the election: abortion. She focused mainly on Obamacare, which I’ll get into shortly. But it’s saddening to me that we still have people that base their choice in an election on one very specific issue like abortion. Don’t get me wrong, you should vote for someone that you agree with on issues that matter to you. But we have to take everything into account. We, as the informed electorate, need to vote for a candidate for more than just one reason. Many people voted for Obama because they liked his economic and social policies, which cover a range of different subtopics. But if we all walked into a voting booth and made a choice based solely on abortion or gay marriage, it wouldn’t give us a legitimate election. The real battle would just be the pro-lifers against the pro-choicers, with the economy, foreign policy, and healthcare just hanging in the balance. We can’t afford to have such tunnel vision when it comes to elections. So there’s that.

In every political video that Trisha decided to film, she explicitly says (in most cases repeatedly) that a good portion of the issues discussed in the presidential debates just “went over her head.” She claimed that she didn’t know very much about the economy, foreign policy, immigration, or a host of other topics. And yet, she still felt qualified to make videos that had political weight to them. This is one major problem that I had with her making these statements about Obama and Romney. I don’t blame her for being politically uneducated. Most people aren’t strategists for MSNBC. But if you don’t have a lot of knowledge on a subject, DON’T COMMENT ON IT AS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. I don’t know all that much about makeup, which is why you’ll never see me in a tutorial video on how to apply foundation. It’s one thing to be uneducated. But if you want to join a debate on an issue, educate yourself. This is just common sense. With the plethora of information available in this day and age, it is not at all difficult to research a topic and learn the facts.


Speaking of facts, Trisha, who obviously claims to be a conservative, consistently denies absolute facts. There’s no pettifogging this, she just doesn’t acknowledge the truth. Watching her insist that she’s correct despite evidence to the contrary was like reliving the Karl Rove meltdown during the election: it was just painful. With that in mind, let’s take some of her “facts” and put them to the test.

  • Claim: “My freedom of religion is being taken away.” The argument here is that Catholic-funded adoption agencies are closing because they can’t afford to pay fines that they incur after not allowing same-sex couples to adopt.
    Fact: Your religious freedoms are not being taken away. Even if these adoption agencies are closing, it’s because they’re not meeting federal mandates. It doesn’t mean that the First Amendment is going in the trash, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t walk into a Catholic church and practice your religion. Stop blowing this way out of proportion. 
  • Claim: “All Christians should be against Obama, because he’s forcing us all to commit sin.” While misleading, this is another reference to Obamacare and the controversial requirement for all organizations to provide contraception in insurance coverage for their employees. Trisha argued that the Catholic Church would be required to provide birth control and even abortions to women that it employs.
    Fact: After much debate, a provision was added to Obamacare that exempted religious institutions from this contraception mandate. Calm your tits, your church won’t have to give birth control to the three women that work there. Furthermore, I’m fairly sure you pulled the abortion part of the claim out of your ass (or the ass of someone at Fox News). No such provision exists in Obamacare, so your fear is unwarranted. Besides, it’s not like anyone working for the Catholic Church would get an abortion in the first place. 
  • Claim: “When it comes to this election, you’re basically voting between Obama or God.” Obviously this was a shot at Obama and again a reference to Obamacare (something something dead horse).
    Fact: First of all, the rhetoric of the claim suggests that Obama is somehow the opposite of God (i.e. the antichrist), which is an overused, overhyped, childish suggestion. We know the man is not God. He’s the President. Stop patronizing people. Moving on, despite all this political foolishness about what form Obama will take when he sets the Earth aflame, he still caved to the Catholic Church on the contraception issue. Granted, they weren’t satisfied and basically wanted the contraception requirement to be removed completely from Obamacare. Oh well, we can’t all get what we want. 

What’s even more ironic than that? Trisha’s knight in shining mom jeans Mitt Romney is a Mormon. She even admits this in her initial video. So the Christian president, who compromises on issues with the Catholic Church, is taking away your religious rights, and your solution is to vote for a Mormon? Seems legit.

52252-George-Carlin--This-Is-Why-We-t9bEI could go on, but I’m sure you’re getting sick of reading this already lengthy sermon. To recap, I’m not calling this girl out because she’s uneducated. I’m calling her out because she thinks she is educated, and I’m sure she’s misleading at least some of her 330,000 subscribers. I don’t care if she wants to make political speeches and advocate for her candidate. That’s free speech, and I encourage anyone who feels inclined to do so. But she, along with anyone else that decides to take up that challenge, needs to do it in a smart, logical way. And most importantly, she needs to actually research before making blanket statements that millions of people could potentially misconstrue as the truth. And by research, I’m not talking about asking a lifelong conservative family member that you “trust.” I’m talking about pointing your ass toward and doing some searches. Trisha fired back at people that called her stupid, but didn’t provide any actual facts to support her claims. You want to show them you’re smart? Do some actual research and throw the truth at them the next time they question your intelligence on an issue.

As I close, I still hold true that our generation is great, and we’ll go on to do many amazing things for our children, our grandchildren, and for the future of this country. I love you guys, but damn it all to hell if someone doesn’t come along every few months that makes it harder for me to say that we’re actually somewhat intelligent.


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