The Quality or State of Being Humane

           This week you have all surely heard about the school shooting in Newton, Connecticut. You’ve probably heard many people complain about gun control, or lack thereof. And if you read the comments on any Huffington Post article about the shooting, you will see that many people are asking why Adam Lanza was able to get his hands on assault weapons. How did a man with known mental illnesses get guns? Well, the real question should be, “why do we suddenly give a fuck that children died?”

             Do Americans not realize that many children have been killed in these wars that our country seems to get into? We go, pretend to fight for safety or freedom, or some other noble reason… when really, we want oil. We want money. So we go to these countries and kill the people in them. Now, I think what happened in Newton was an absolute tragedy, but what about the kids in the Afghanistan Massacre? According to Huffington Post, sixteen people were killed, nine of which were children. And folks, that is equally tragic. Violence runs rapid in our world. We have kids being bullied at school because they are gay, we see videos of people hurting/killing animals that go viral. There are car bombs going off in markets in Pakistan, and of course we always have the murders of the Kill Team. We have violence everywhere…

 “When did the future switch from being a promise to a threat?”- Chuck Palahniuk

Its seems like we lack humanity these days. We give our phones and computers more attention than we do family and friends. We don’t have time for volunteering, but we have time for Facebook. We don’t have time for a family dinner, but we will make time to watch television or Snapchat on our smartphones. Our country, and our society for that matter, needs to realize we are all to blame. We didn’t care until it was our country.

 Humanity as defined by Webster:

1. The quality or state of being humane. a.) The quality or state of being human.


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