Contradictions and Whale Farts

I ran across a video on Google+ just yesterday, and it really put things into perspective for me. I find it rather appropriate for the purposes of this post that we decided to name our blog The Common Sense Market, as there’s clearly no common sense in said video. I won’t go into much detail, because honestly my brain is still reeling from all the stupidity that flowed from what I watched. You can watch it for yourself below, and then I’ll break down some of the more incredible points. I am legally obligated to warn you that the video may lower your IQ. You have been warned.

Before I go anywhere with this, it’s important to mention that I’m not going to just bash Republicans, because that isn’t really necessary here. The people in this video could have been Democrats or Libertarians or members of any other party, and they would still sound like completely brainwashed imbeciles.

I’ll take the first quote that struck me, and try to make some sense of it. This one is at around 33 seconds into the video:

“A lot of the people voting for him [Barack Obama], it’s so they can continue to get their handouts, and that’s not what America is about.”

So basically, this woman is accusing that the majority of Obama supporters are greedy, lazy slackers that just want something from the government. What a wonderful way to paint America as a country with an equal society, don’t you think? As if that wasn’t enough, she suggests that socialism, which is essentially what she’s referring to, isn’t what America is about. But whether she wants to admit it or not, the majority of Americans have agreed that we live in a social democracy, in that we take care of those in need. If a person wants their tax money to go to people that need help, they’re considered a socialist. Now I won’t get into all the craziness of socialism stereotypes, because that’s a completely different discussion. But if this woman is somehow suggesting that we should not help those in need, she has bigger problems than Obama being reelected.

As the video continues, a man and woman (who I’m assuming to be married) are asked what they hope Romney does if elected. The man’s wife simply says “changes, lots of changes,” and then he follows up with the most vague comment of the night:

“I don’t know what he’s wantin’ to change; every President I know of says a lot of stuff, but it never follows through… So.. I don’t know.”

Riiiiigghht. So you’re voting for Romney, but you don’t know what he’s going to change. On top of that, you’re basically saying that every past President has made empty promises (which isn’t entirely false), but you don’t set Mitt apart from them. So by that logic, if Jimmy from down the street says he has a secret plan that he’ll reveal if elected, and he makes empty promises, he could run for President.

Mitt RomneyThis is part of the problem with the political conversation in America. We have to hold politicians (and especially presidential candidates) to a higher standard. This isn’t directed at Mitt Romney, but the people still have a right to see every detail of his plan for America. The same goes for Obama, and Gary Johnson, and anyone else that’s running for President. The American people are choosing a leader (technically the Electoral College is, but the devil’s in the details), and they deserve total transparency when it comes to the respective plans for this nation. Mitt has taken a lot of flack for not releasing details on his economic plan, and rightfully so.

Getting back to the video, the interviewer finds himself talking to the most incredulous woman in the history of mankind. This, ladies and gentleman, is the most convoluted point of the video. If you had any doubts about the amount of stupidity or lack of logic found here, this will clear them all right up. The woman, who is discussing Obama’s religious beliefs (care to guess where this is going?), actually says this, out loud, and doesn’t take it back:

“He’s a Muslim, he has a Muslim father. That’s his background, and he reads the Koran.”

(after the interviewer questions her about Obama going to Reverend Wright’s church for twenty years, she retorts)

“Well he is a Muslim. His father was a Muslim, his father was an atheist, and his father was a communist.”

(the interviewer asks her if Obama’s father was an atheist or a Muslim)

Wait for it……

“He’s all three.” …………………………………………………………………………………

hit me

Where should I even start with this? I suppose a short rant about the Obama-Muslim conspiracy might help alleviate some of the sadness I feel after having typed that actual quote. The South is riddled with people convinced that President Obama is a Muslim. Now, I’m not going to get into a pointless debate on whether he is or not, but there are several things to consider.

  1. If he is, why should I (or anyone else with half a brain) give a whale fart and a half? People accuse him of being a Muslim, as if it would affect his abilities to run the country. What if we found out that Lincoln was a closet Muslim? Would that diminish what he did for this country? We preach freedom of religion out of our asses, yet if there’s even a possibility that the President might not be a Christian, everyone goes batshit crazy. We need to fix that, and soon.
  2. Americans, especially after 9/11, are confusing average, run-of-the-mill Muslims with the terrorist sect of Muslim extremists that actually attacked the U.S. When a Christian or typical American hears the word “Muslim,” they automatically think “terrorist, time to hide under the covers and be afraid.” This is a very bad thing, and it needs to be cleared up. When people hear that Obama is a Muslim, they panic because they equate it to a terrorist running the country and destroying us from within, or something along those lines. This ties back into my first post on the blog about stereotypes, and is a major problem with the way we look at other cultures.

Now we’re at my favorite part of the quote. Three little words that confirmed (at least for me) that the woman is certifiably insane. “He’s all three.” Nothing more, nothing less. In my attempt to come up with a joke for this, I realized that the quote itself is the joke. I literally have nothing funnier to say than “he’s all three.”

For her to actually say that Obama’s father was both a Muslim and an atheist AT THE SAME TIME, is pure stupidity. It’s like me saying that I love chocolate ice cream, but all ice cream is disgusting. It’s one of the purest forms of contradiction I have ever heard, and it makes me laugh/cry to hear this woman say it with such conviction.

So what’s the point of all this? In a nutshell, it’s that people are easily brainwashed, and will believe anything if it’s repeated to them enough. Conspiracy theories are almost as common in this country as Big Macs, and it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon. While this is unfortunate for the political community, we need to learn to look past these conspiracies and focus on what really matters: the issues. Too many people disagree with a candidate (or a person from another political party) so much that they’re willing to accept any piece of information, true or false, that makes the other person look terrible. It’s like we can’t just stand on our own damn merits anymore, we have to push others down and make them look like Muslim-atheists (read: walking contradictions) to get our point across. Now how much sense does that make?

And remember, whale farts are polluting the atmosphere. You can help stop global warming by reducing the amount of whale flatulence in the ozone. Save the Earth, don’t drop cheese in the ocean.


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